Aerial & Drone Photography

Technology continues to change the real estate marketing landscape, and aerial and drone photography and videography are at the forefront of this revolution.

List It has been offering professional, safe, and authorized drone imaging options for years and has helped sellers of unique or expansive properties sell them with the magic of aerial-captured images and videos. List Its founder, Karl Lund, was an early adopter and took to this powerful tool immediately. He is experienced, and knows how to operate safely, efficiently, and rapidly in capturing images and video.

It goes without saying that video is even more likely to engage a buyer and draw them in. Aerial views of large properties, unique properties, or properties with acreage, pools, farmland, pastures, ponds, and more, can really be captured by choosing this innovative option.

Combining images, video, and 3D views captured with aerial photography and videography can bring an edge in selling high-ticket properties or large, unique homes.

List it has captured amazing drone images and video of city properties, commercial properties, farms and so much more. Learn how this option might give you, your agency, listing, and seller, an edge. Set yourself apart from the competition with this unique and powerful real estate imaging option and tool.

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